About Me

Brian StandingI’m building a home here for some of my writing. Go ahead and wander around my house for a while. Point out anything you like.

I want 80 percent of any poem I write to be understood on the first reading. The remaining 20 percent — sound and wordplay, for example — should be available with further readings.

I have high regard for poems whose language is very musical. The sound and rhythm of the piece is sometimes more important to me than the message.

The poets who influenced me most are Mary Oliver, Walt Whitman, Mark Doty, William Stafford and Constantine Cavafy. Each of them provided an example of how poetry can be. You can read about them and find links to their work at the Academy of American Poets.

My other home is Madison, Wisconsin USA. My work has appeared in anthologies and magazines, mostly in my home state. Three of my poems have been set to music by Madison composer, Brian Schultz.


9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Brian – I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your blog and valued your comments on mine. My most recent post will be my last. I’ve been posting every week for 2 years and it’s time to finally move on to pastures new. I think you’ve been one of the very few readers who’s actually “got” me. So thank you for reading, encouraging, and following me. I’ll be continuing to read you. With much enjoyment.
    Love JP x


    1. I’ve always looked forward to your weekly installments with great anticipation. There was almost always some humor, a little taste of the risqué, and (occasionally) even a dog named Brian. I really do understand your desire to move on, with your new business going forward and a commitment to your husband. I give you a toast of Fireball whisky if that’s not too tacky. Good luck!


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