Sean and Brawnie on a Cold Winter’s Night That Was So Deep


“That man at the bar,” Brawnie began. “He was the one who spread that malicious gossip about you?”

It was a little after midnight, and Sean was reaching to turn off the bedside lamp.

“He employed just enough fact,” Sean replied, “to make the fiction seem plausible.”

Brawnie pulled up the comforter to cover himself and his husband.

“He could be charming and generous,” Sean continued, “but not for long. He insisted he could manipulate anyone into doing his will. He told me he didn’t care about other people’s feelings, as long as he got what he wanted.”

“That could be the profile of a sociopath,” Brawnie mused. “Did you lower the thermostat?”

“To 65, yes.” Sean brushed the back of his hand over the scruff on Brawnie’s cheek. “His version of the Golden Rule seemed to be: Do unto others, and then it’s their problem.”

“You know I’m not religious,” Brawnie said, “but I think I’ll go with the original.” 

Sean rolled over onto his side. Brawnie kissed his neck, and gently rubbed the small of his back. 

“How about tomorrow morning I make waffles for breakfast?” Brawnie suggested in a low voice, then chuckled at how quickly his husband had begun to snore, as easily as turning off the bedside lamp.

Copyright 2019 by Brian Dean Powers
Photo by Harris Ananiadis at

12 thoughts on “Sean and Brawnie on a Cold Winter’s Night That Was So Deep

  1. These vignettes are so sweet. I hope you’re drawing them from your life. “…that was so deep.” Growing up, at church on every Christmas eve, my brother and I would scoff and snort all the way though the First Noel. The lyrics were so horrible. When we got to the ‘was so deep’ part we’d look up at each other and dissolve into laughter. Very obnoxious. This is probably my favorite memory with my brother.

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