The Lantern Room

Night Forest

Under a star-stuccoed sky, we wander
in the cold among the pine furnishings, we

tramp a parquet of bark and brown
needles. We say truth is found

in the clear shine of day, but
lit by the room’s lunar lamp 

we might know something more
for seeing less. Distinctions

dim, until who we are
is second to the blending. Light

flakes off the moon
and fuses with the freezing air.

Copyright 2007 by Brian Dean Powers
Published in the 2009 Wisconsin Poets’ Calendar


13 thoughts on “The Lantern Room

  1. Your writing reminds me of when I walk my dog in the early morning before it is light. We walk through a wooded area on a trail where the only light for us is moonlight if it is out. When I am out walking with him in the dark I feel at peace, and my mind is clear, though I cannot see much.

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  2. Brian;
    Certain words jump out at me because choosing the right word is an art in itself and you’ve scored big time here. “Light flakes off the moon”
    I notice words first, but the serenity and oneness behind your words is equally captivating.

    Question: I know practically nothing about poetry, but I see here that you start a new thought in the second line, not the first. Is this a particular style of poetry or your own idea? Either way, I like it 🙂

    Also, in thinking about this poem and the beauty of walking in the night it occurred to me that I never do this, walk at night. Maybe most of us don’t, it’s just not safe anymore …. and that’s just sad.


    1. The first line sets the scene and establishes the metaphor of the outdoors as a room. It’s important to begin with concrete details so the reader can enter into the experience. What that experience suggested to me is the subject of the rest of the poem.


      1. It seems to be that using a room as a metaphor for the outdoors really works because A: a room is an easily accessible image and B: being contained and finite, it’s the polar opposite of the outdoors.
        I liked the piece and can only imagine how long it took you to get all the puzzle pieces just right; thoughts, images and words 🙂


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