Orion’s Belt

Orion Constellation

They seem together
   from where I stand:
      three stars, a row

on a flat, black sky.
   My guide book tells me otherwise—
      they are light-years apart,

deep, deeper, deepest
   into the dark.
      I marvel at the stars,

how they burn like beacons
   on distant, unreachable shores,
      how the isolation

doesn’t diminish the shine.
   I studied their names
      when I was a boy,

stared at them
   from my bedroom window
      in a middle-class home

that must have looked fine—
   station wagon in the garage,
      closets of ironed pants and shirts,

the threesome eating dinner
   in a spotless kitchen.
      But there were light-years

between our plates, cold space
   between our seats in the car.
      There was no guide

for that constellation.
   So I learned distance.
      I drifted away.

Copyright 2005 by Brian Dean Powers
Published in the Spring/Summer 2017 edition of Word Fountain


10 thoughts on “Orion’s Belt

  1. Wow… I am utterly intrigued my your style of poetry, the way that you structured it is akin to an acumen and deft sculptor. Your words just jived together smoothly, sliding into my mind, imprinted at the back of my mind. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!


  2. Brian, an amazing poem.
    I loved the connection you made between the three stars and the three of you as a family. Your words work like a camera lens, pulling the focus in from the widest possible landscape of the stars to one single, intensely personal hurt.
    Families, such a difficult thing. Not at all like those sitcoms on TV 😦


  3. A moving piece, and so well composed, Brian. The imagery it conjures up is superb and It tells such a poignant story in such a concise way, linking childhood with later years. Thank you for sharing such a personal history in such a beautiful way.


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