Van Gogh’s Bedroom


The artist returned to the Yellow House in Arles
after painting all day in the fields. Nature
stuck to him like a burr as he walked into his bedroom.
Pale-blue sky seeped into his walls, and the outstretched
wings of crows slipped into the window’s
dark sash-bars. Sunflowers settled
into the center-woven seats of the ocher chairs,
blossoming over the worn path of earth-hued floorboards.
A field of poppies managed to inhabit his red blanket,
but not even nature could make the room contain
the artist’s seismic swirls of moon and stars. 

Copyright 2016 by Brian Dean Powers
Published in the Spring/Summer 2017 edition of Word Fountain


6 thoughts on “Van Gogh’s Bedroom

  1. I love this. For some reason, I’ve always felt kinship and pride over Van Gogh. It probably has to do with his loner personality & mental illness, yet his ability to create art regardless (or because). He is truly an inspiration.

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  2. Brian, we decided today to make this the first sample from the issue that we share on the online version along with the bonus image. It looks like we used the 1st version and you used the second, so I think we’ve got it covered. 🙂 Looks great, btw! And thank you for letting us print it in Word Fountain.


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