Slow Song for a Quiet Cactus

My cactus (which is older than I am)
blooms (most years) late in December,
around the Winter solstice.
Yet this is the first week of Spring,
and the plant is still budding and blossoming.
I’d like to read meaning into the extraordinary.
I’d like to find in it a sign of better times.
—I know, Nature doesn’t work that way.
Omens are only in the eye of the beholder.
Plants live in a world of weather and water, sun and soil.
They have nothing to say about health, or romance, or democracy.
Satiny pink and red flowers:
complex, pendulous, unexpected.

Copyright 2017 by Brian Dean Powers
Published in the May 7, 2017 edition of The Drabble


4 thoughts on “Slow Song for a Quiet Cactus

  1. We call them Christmas cactus over here. I have one which blooms twice a year, once in June and if I’m lucky, near December. My mother in law has a white one. I love all cactus or succulent plants. I think I really should be living in the desert rather than the city.


  2. “They have nothing to say about…” Or maybe they do. Mother Nature is a tricky woman. I think it’s cool that your cactus is older than you. Did it come from your parents?


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