Charlie Murphy’s Gay Spirit

Today I’m re-posting my appreciation of Charlie Murphy, who passed away on August 6, 2016.

Here’s my poem about Charlie and his 1981 song, now formatted as a prose poem as I originally intended. You can listen to a subdued acoustic version of Gay Spirit on YouTube.

Copyright 2016 by Brian Dean Powers


8 thoughts on “Charlie Murphy’s Gay Spirit

  1. It isn’t clear to me if you live in US or Canada. I was thinking Canada, but now I’m not sure. LGBT rights are one of the many many freedoms I foresee collapsing over the next few years. Keep your voice loud & strong.

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  2. This is moving … and thought-provoking. On one hand, it made me feel wistful and a bit sad (though I’m not sure why), and on the other hand it felt celebratory and made me smile. I loved, “So strongly voice, so long desired …” as well as the comparison to Whitman. Well … this certainly gave some greater meaning to my day !


  3. Hey there. Just saw this post. Was trying to find information about Charlie’s Catch the Fire album.
    Had no idea he’s passed on. What a pretty amazing life. That he dedicated the last few decades to doing empowerment globally through PYE — most folks had no idea about his part of that very quiet gay men’s music movement of the 70s. Fortunately more of his music is available for people to hear now.
    Anyway, thanks for the post — also for the Gloucester watercolor post.


    1. I really appreciate hearing from you. I think Charlie was one of our LGBT heroes, and deserves wider recognition. I keep hoping “Catch the Fire” will reappear as a CD or in digital format. My vinyl version is pretty much worn out. “Gay Spirit” has meant so much to me.


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